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Guide – How to order a voice over online.

Here are some advice for directors, producers, advertising agencies and others who work with voice actors.

Finding the right voice for your project can sometimes be a bit tricky and, above all, very subjective.

Two hundred voice-over talents can describe their voices as “warm” but only you can say which voice is right for your project.
If you find it difficult to decide, we can offer a short custom made demo at no cost using a few sentences from your script.
That way, you can listen to how the voice reads your script, and not just hear a general selection of their other work.

Ask about the background and experience of the voice.
Many voices have a wide register and can read in many different ways, but no one can do everything. Make sure the voice you hire can perform whats most important for you.

Screenplay and directing tips:

• Describe your target audience
Start by giving a brief description of who will listen to the finished recording.
Whose attention do you hope to catch? It helps the voice get a picture of the audience.

• Be as descriptive as possible

You should strive to be as descriptive as possible when conveying how you want the finished product to sound.
Sometimes voice actors get a script together with just one directing word, eg. ”Optimistic. ”
This is not always enough to find exactly the right tone.
To facilitate your ordering instructions, we have compiled a list of useful words:

Authoritarian, credibility, straight, clear, comic, easy, compassionate, concerned, confident,
Cool, Informative, dry, sensitive, energetic, sweeping, enthusiastic, excited, friendly, effective,
Hip, Mature, Movie Trailer, Professional, Quirky, Realistic, Serious, Sleeping, Soothing, Straightforward,
Warm, Young, Old ..

TIP: if you want your voice actor to sound Sensitive, try using a scale or an example to convey how sensitive you want the voice to be.
Or, say you want the voice to sound like a character or play a role: a storyteller, business manager, mom, neighbor, best friend, lawyer, doctor, trusted teacher, or a bored receptionist.

• Give specific examples

It doesn’t help the voice actor to hear you want them to sound “just like a celebrity or like someone on a particular commercial, if they can’t hear those references. Therefore, please send a sound file with the tone you aim at. Some voice actors can mimic voices, and if they hear an example of how you want it to sound, they can probably come very close in tempo, tone and style.

• Write an easy-to-read script.

Sometimes scripts have edited notes and revisions, which can confuse the voice.
Try sending a clean and neat script in a 12 – point font.
This makes it easier for the voice to concentrate on how to read the text instead of how the text is written ..

Also note that we charge extra to read a text once again due to script changes, so always proofread your script before sending it to us.

• Pronunciation

In cases where a word or a number can be read in different ways, we wish you to write a pronunciation guide or send an audio file that can guide the voice during recording.
For example, always spell out the pronunciation next to a number. The same goes for company names, product names and so on.

• Match the time to the amount of words

There is nothing more irritating for a voice over artist than getting a script that is not timed.
For example, getting a script for a 20-second long commercial containing text that cannot be read under 30 seconds.  Add instructions such as “calm” and “credible” and we have a recipie for impossible and frustrating. The text will of course only be able to read in one way – “fast”!

Try to read your script out loud and take the time properly before sending your order. Editing the script before recording saves a lot of time.
Also remember that “less is more”, the more information you put into a text, the less the recipient will remember.

Some producers want the voice to record all the sentences in a script, even though they know it will pass over time. They like to hear different versions and then edit the sentences. Then tell the voice that it is acceptable to go over time. If this is not made clear, the reading sounds stressed and the voice will feel frustrated as it will be impossible to read the text within the specified time limit.

Click here to order one of our votes or contact us directly at

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Are you looking for a professional voice over artist for your next project?  Here are a couple of reasons why you should work with Voice To Me.


We have over 1400 voice over talents in our database. Everyone is highly qualified,

You know a Voice To Me voice on talent through these qualities: experienced domestic voice over professionals living in their home countries, ensuring a modern, practical approach to local culture and ways of thinking – aspects, all of which have a great impact on pronunciation, articulation and horizontal tones – whether language or business language.

We also offer: 

Professional voice transfer (min. Three years)
Professional studio set
Editing / post-production
Best sound quality
Broadband Internet connection
Top Delivery Performance
Immediate availability
High efficiency / low recycling rate
Recommended speeches over talents
Recommended voice-over talents are contracted voice-over professionals with whom we work closely. Recommended voice over talents are the best listed voice over pros indicated by a star.

Read more about our services here

Quick turnaround for your voice over project
See the star icon that symbolizes our recommended voice over talents as a “cut to the chase” indicator. We do not need to negotiate a price for each individual investigation.
Due to our market-leading position, frame agreements with our recommended voice over talents not only mean surprisingly attractive prices and fast delivery, they also ensure quick quotes and accurate price estimates that allow you to make immediate and reliable cost estimates for your project.

Voice recordings with best value
As in most other industries, there are basic rules for business textbooks: when volumes increase, prices fall. That’s why our recommended voice-over talents are your best choice. 9 out of 10 customers choose our recommended voice over talents for their projects.

Voice over first takes our specialty
Our voices over talents know the name of the game. They have many years of experience in adapting style and feeling to your requirements. You will be amazed at how accurately they can nail the right tone of voice without boring instructions and many repainting.

Zero waste of time on editing voice files
All talk over speech are experienced audio technicians and post producers. This limits time-saving processes because your audio files do not have to go through a lot of delaying steps if you need further editing, file splitting, etc. Ordering voice translations on Voice To Me is a one-step process.

Only active voice over talents
You will not find available profiles in our database. If speech over speech does not report requests or reject assignments, they are removed from our database. That’s why you can always count on the “goods” we have on screen.


Read what our clients are saying about us here 


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Two ways to quickly find the right voice for your next project.

1, Have an expert help you find the right voice.
This is the easiest way … Just fill in our short form and let a professional “voice caster” suggest a voice artist according to your wishes and that suits your needs.

2, Choose a voice on your own from the voice bank.
Listen for yourself, and when you find a voice in our voice bank that fits your project, you just need to fill in our short quotation form and we will return with a price quote and delivery notice within 2-3 hours.

If you need help, tips or advice, our coordinators are available to you via direct chat during business hours. You can also call us on +46 (0) 36 770 15 40, or email


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Writing a script to be read aloud isn’t easy work. Here are some tips on how to write a good speaker script.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a commercial, a marketing video or an on hold message, you have to use the right words in the right order to create the right impact.
The voice talent’s job is to bring your words to life. The last thing you want your voice over (VO) talent to do is guess what you mean or how you want them to say something.
Voice To Me has put together a list of 5 solid points to help your voice talent read the copy the way you mean for it to sound!



Not only does it feel like the writer is pitching a fit, but all caps is harder to read. And harder to read is a recipe for mistakes in both text and context. To a voice talent ALL CAPS means emphasize, but it’s better to use a bold or underline rather than all caps if you would like your VO talent to give the words or phrases a subtle yet discernable emphasis.
To voice talent proof your script use simple sentence case in a nice, easy to read font such as Arial in size 12 or 14.


2. Give Pronunciations

The last thing you want to hear in your project is the voice talent mangling your client’s name or their product. When it comes to pronunciation of any kind, we say, “When it doubt, spell it out.” Sure, voice talents can hit up (a pronunciation site) or cull through YouTube videos to try and find the right pronunciation, but it’s much more accurate, and fast, if you let us know how to say it correctly as a note in the script.
Some producers send us an Mp3 with the correct pronunciation two or three times in a row. This cuts down on pickups and patches, and you end up with a much smoother narration. Truth: if there is a way for us to mispronounce something, we will find it. To talent proof your script, let them know exactly how you want something said before they start recording.
Ps. If you do not have a smartphone or microphone at hand you can call our pronunciation guide phone number.


3. Zero or “O”

Numbers are tricky. Percentages are shifty. And fractions…forget about it. Voice talents can say numbers in so many different ways and combinations, and invariably, the client would like them read the other way.

Pop Quiz. Say these numbers:

1578 – Fifteen seventy-eight or one-five-seven-eight?
7.049% – Seven point zero four nine percent or seven point “O” four nine percent?
$20,995 – Twenty-thousand, nine-hundred ninety-five dollars or twenty-nine-ninety-five?
2013 – Two thousand thirteen or twenty-thirteen?
Told you. Numbers are crafty and completely open to interpretation. Take the guesswork out of numbers for your voice talent and state your preference.
It’s that easy.


4. Punctuation is Your Friend

The power of a voice talent is their ability to connect to the material and make it sound believable and natural, and punctuation is key to making that happen. When voice talents don’t have a punctuation road map to follow, we will take pauses when we need to breath or where we think is a good place, which might completely change the context of your script.
The well-placed comma is a thing of beauty. The word “pause” in brackets is fine, but I’ve been known to read those. While it makes for comedy and great out takes for the Christmas party, it means extra time in the studio.
If you want your voice talent to take a thoughtful pause in your script, use punctuation to show us where and for how long.


5. How Do I Read A – (Dash)?

What do you see when you look at Monday-Thursday? Do you see Monday through Thursday? We don’t. We see Monday dash Friday. How about this: It might be obvious to you as the owner of the website, or the writer might have cut and pasted the web address into the script without thinking about how badly I can trash it. In that simple web address, We see all sorts of landmines. To voice talent proof your script, fully write out any of these questionable names or phrases once in a script note. It might look like:

An Example Web Site URL: /callme

Now Written For Narration:
w w w dot cool underscore website dot come slash call me

With this simple step, you won’t have to hear the many variations that voice talents can come up with to say your name or deliver your information incorrectly.
Trust us, We do this for a living!


The easiest way to get your message across the way you want it is to voice talent proof your script. You don’t need to spend hours in the studio to get the read you want for your project. All you need to do is write your script so that your voice talent knows exactly what you want to hear.


Contact us if you want someone to read your script; 

Here you can find our talents


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Voice To Me top 20

Here are 20 reasons why you should choose Voice To Me for your next voice job:

* Europe’s leading voice-over agency
* Delivery within a few hours
* 1400 professional votes
* 100 languages
* Simple search function
* Easy to listen, share or download audio files
* Child talents
* Dialects
* Quick quote
* Ask us directly via chat
* Direct the talent through a live session
* Translation
* Mastring
* Soundproofing
* Sound processing
* Adaptation of film
* Quality guarantee
* Get a piece of your text read as a free demo
* Voices of all ages
* Express delivery

Contact us and we will give you 20 more …


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Would your company like to have an own site with voices? We can help you create your own voice data base.

Simple, searchable and with your company’s logotype and contact information.

We have made it easy for you to tell your customers about different voices and automatically receive quotation requests directly from your customers.

See examples here:


Call us on 036 770 15 40 or email and we will be happy to tell you more about how you can get your very own voice database on your website today. For free!


Read more about our other services here 


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Voice To Me are specialized in localization of films.

Did you know that we can take your film and make copies in over 100 languages without you having to lift a finger..
We will take care of transcribing, translation, voiceover and, if you would like, subtitling.
Besides this , we will also help you with the timing, synchronisation and processing of the audio. We will deliver a master file that you can use as soon as you have downloaded it from our servers.

It has never been easier or more cost effective to convert your film into new languages than now.

We helped CB12 / SB12 in their localization of their tv commercial. After we received the master film from the client, it took us just under 36 hours before delivering the film with synced voiceovers in 12 languages.
See some examples of how a film can look like when we use our voicetalents in different languages to make a perfect localization:



Want know more ? Please visit or send us an email.

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IVR recordings

– It takes 4 seconds to make a first impression …
– It takes several years to get rid of the same …

It is becoming more and more common for companies, both small and large, to realize the importance of making a good first impression for their customers. The first contact between the customer and the company takes place at 70% via a switched telephone exchange, which makes it more important than ever that the voice that welcomes the customer is professional and trustworthy.

In addition to having the message read out credibly, it must at the same time be friendly and have a tone that coincides with the company’s image.

Voice To Me has over 17 years of experience in voice work, copy and “first meeting” with the customer. We not only help with the actual reading, but are also happy to produce manuscript and menu structure if desired.

More and more people realize, for example, the advantage of promoting their website or a product during the waiting period in their own exchange.

Do you want to know more, or book your own voice for IVR recordings? Read more or contact us on 036 770 15 40, or:

Did you know that we at Voice To Me today deliver votes to most major companies and institutions in Sweden. This week, for example, we are proud to have read the following company switches:

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Voice To Me already supplies the store votes for all of Clas Ohlson’s stores in Finland and Norway.
Today, we are proud to announce that we will also be honored to deliver the store voice for the UK, which will be heard in all stores across the UK.

Clas Ohlson wanted a credible and good-natured voice with Swedish-sounding pronunciation. The choice fell on

Do you have any special wishes on how you want the voice to convey your next message to sound?

Contact us and we will help you.

Ps. we have thousands more votes than the ones we show on our website.
We are happy to help you with Celebrity voices, children’s voices, dialects, etc.