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Imagine the following scenario. After a lot of hard work, you’ve finally managed to finish the film for the company’s important bid, and now you’re facing a final decision: should you use a professional voice-over artist or record your own? The budget has already been exceeded because you chose to produce quite a few drone images and there were other stunts you didn’t anticipate. In less than a week, the film needs to be ready and presented.

What will you do?

Your colleagues and acquaintances all think that it looks really nice, so they think that an automatically generated voice-over via some web service is probably enough. Okay, you think.

Then Anna from HR comes and says that she’s always wanted to be a voice-over artist and that she’s very happy to help. She says that she’s bought new AirPods and practiced recording some jingles at home, and the sound quality is fantastic. Maybe you should give her a chance?

Our opinion? Don’t do it.

Don’t get us wrong – we have nothing against Anna. And of course, auto-generated solutions have got better. Still, the fact remains that an amateur voice-recording free of charge or using a cheap freelancer can ruin even the best of films. Getting professional help is worth every penny.

You get what you pay for

As with much else in life, you get what you pay for from voice-over services. Getting help from a voice-over artist is a worthy investment which ensures quality and delivery. Voice To Me offers recording and voice-overs in more than 100 languages.

The power of a professional voice-over

In spite of this, many people choose to take the easy way out, and either record something themselves or get a low-quality recording. Choosing a professional option puts you in a prime position compared to your competitors, and gives you a credible impression. The slightly higher cost for a professional voice-over artist is quite small in the grand scheme of things, as it’s in turn likely to indirectly increase your sales.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re at an important sales meeting.

You’re up against two competitors in trying to win over a client. All of you have prepared presentations and films to sell yourselves. Your team has worked really hard and you’re convinced that your particular concept will win the client’s favour.

You’re outside with your team and watch the competitor present their concept. After a pretty good presentation, the best is saved for the end. Music is played and a video starts.

Then you hear it, the voice. Perfect timing. Well presented. It’s emotional, powerful, interesting. The voice is amazingly good and you feel goosebumps over your whole body. You think about your own presentation and realise that giving Anna from HR the chance to record the text was probably not worth it.

We probably all know who won that bid. Your concept may have been better, but the finish and presentation were worse. The competitor had made the decision to use a voice-over artist.

The following motto explains the importance of a well-chosen voice quite well.

“You can never save a bad voice with a good film, but you can always save a bad film with a good voice.”

That’s just how it is.

Never underestimate a well-executed voice-over. Hire a professional.

From good to better – and from better to the best

A professional voice-over means better projects. This doesn’t apply just to advertising and marketing.

Another example of this is e-learning. It’s been proven that students absorb more information if the recording is done by a professional. Professional voice-over artists find it easier to adapt to the recipient and subject. It’s not impossible that the voice-over artist has already done a similar project and can help make your script even clearer and more specific. Also, don’t forget what’s perhaps most obvious – the sound quality in a professional studio. No AirPods (sorry, Anna) or home microphones in the world can compete with a real studio – that’s just how it is.

Our point being? Regardless of the forum or message, a professional voice-over artist can say what you want you want to say, and say it better. Isn’t that the main aim of your project, to get across what you want to say? To present your idea or product in the best way possible? Why not do it properly then?

Voice To Me

Voice To Me voice-over artists can offer all of this. You can easily listen to samples from all our artists and choose the one who’s right for you. Everyone has good experience and practice of working in the industry. 

Are you unsure of what’s best for your particular project? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We’re happy to help you find the best possible solution, tailored to you.

Do it properly – use a professional voice-over for your project. Use Voice To Me. Talk soon!