Voice-over, translation and audio production

Voice To Me is Europe’s leading voice archive. For over a decade we have been supplying voice-over worldwide, offering our services to radio and TV stations, production companies, marketing departments, advertising agencies and multimedia companies.

We are a major player in the field of voice recording with extensive experience of delivering audio to leading brands.

You can read more about the services we offer below.




FREE Casting.
Would you like help with choosing the perfect voice to fit your project?
We’ll gladly help you pick out a few voices.
Casting allows you to find the right voice quickly and easily.
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Free demo recordings

FREE demo of your script.
Ensure that you’ve chosen the correct voice before you place your order. We ask one or more of our artists to record part of your script so that you can hear how they might sound in your production.
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Copy and script preparation

Voice To Me can help you with formatting and layout, as well as proofreading, pronunciation queries and timecodes. We can quite simply make sure that your script or text meets production standards, ensuring high-quality delivery ahead of your deadline.
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Would you like your text professionally translated into different languages?
We take responsibility for the entire production – and guarantee your satisfaction.
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Do you need a script for a dialogue or performance?
We’ll gladly help you produce a complete script tailored for voice-over by transcribing your video or audio file (making a written copy from recorded speech).

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Advertising voice

For both commercials and radio advertising, it is important to be able to present the right things to the audience. How a message is perceived by listeners is influenced by the way we speak. Investing in a suitable advertising voice can really make a big difference.
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Instructions and briefing

We allow you to speak to the voice-over artist prior to recording.
Live instructions are an effective way of ensuring that the artist understands how the final production should sound, which increases the chances of you being satisfied with the work right from the first take.
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Live sessions and direction

You can participate during the entire recording and give instructions via our live-session software that we developed ourselves.
A live session offers the same advantages as a studio recording at a fraction of the cost.
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Re-takes and re-recordings

FREE re-recording

We do not accept errors and are therefore fully prepared to re-record until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

This is at no extra cost.
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Additions or extra takes

Need to make script changes? Had a rethink about the style, tone or tempo? No problem.
We allow you to make changes without having to pay the full price for a new recording.
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Timing and Dubbing

Timing is required for synchronising audio and video.
We use timecodes to match the recording.
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Audio Description

Voice To Me offers professional audio description of your recorded material.
Audio description, is an audiovisual interpretation that is developed in support of people with visual impairment.

The audio description describes what is not apparent from the dialogue, voice server or soundrecordings.

Our educated audio description staff can quickly and easily make your material available to a broader mass.
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Mastering and Processing

We prepare your voice-over for final mixing by improving the frequencies and removing any imperfections. We tailor our processing according to your preferences and the intended purpose of the recording.
Mastering helps ensure that your audio sounds as good as it possibly can. Our professional engineers make sure that your production sticks out in terms of quality and is tailored to the media form it is to be used for.
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File conversion

We convert your recording to your choice of audio format to ensure your files meet any preferences or requirements you might have. Specify your desired audio format when ordering your recording
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File Splitting and Naming

To make it easier for you, we can divide the recording into separate files with unique file names.
File splitting increases flexibility during post-production and is required in certain cases.
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Fine-tuning and cleaning up of audio files

We remove all audio imperfections and disturbances.
An audio file must be fine-tuned and cleaned up if it is to be used as a professional voice-over.
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Sound design and final mixing

We make your audio file ready for broadcast.
We have broad knowledge of mixing and mastering and will always ensure that your production sticks out in terms of quality.
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We can also add subtitles to your film or media.
It can sometimes be more suitable to add text or subtitles to a film than using a voice-over (oops, did we really say that?!) We can help you with that.
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We ask a translator whose mother tongue is the language in question to listen through the recording. Proof-listening is an effective way for you to ensure the quality of a production even when you are not fluent in the language in question.
– and ultimately to ensure that the voice recording meets your requirements.
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All-inclusive solutions


Audio production

With almost 2 decades of experience in audio and voice-over production, we’re fully prepared to take on your project. We offer first-class service and fast delivery. Thanks to our comprehensive quality guarantee, we can moreover assure you that you’ll be entirely satisfied with our work.
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Would you like to produce your film in several different languages? We can help you make foreign language copies, allowing you to reach other markets quickly, easily and cheaply.
Localisation includes translation, timing, voice-over, synchronisation, mastering and final mixing.
You decide whether you’d like us to take care of the entire project or just parts of it.
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  • All our voice-over artists are professionals
  • Price quotes provided within three hours
  • Delivery within 24 hours, free demos and a quality guarantee
  • Free casting and support