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General Information

Yes, all our artists are professionals who use professional studios and studio materials. All of them have at least two years’ experience of voice recordings and most have worked in the field for many years and are extremely experienced.

A voice-over is an invisible voice heard in TV, radio and cinema commercials, e-learning, product and corporate presentations, documentaries, podcasts, animated films, telephone prompts and switchboards etc. Voice To Me voice-overs are recorded in professional recording studios by certified artists.

Three easy steps to successfully recording a voice-over.

1: Select a voice from our voice bank
Listen to demos in your desired language and either select a voice yourself or allow us to send you one we recommend by contacting us here.

The voices you’ve selected are then added to a list allowing you to download any voice sample to your computer and pass on suggestions to your colleagues and clients. You can also request a price quote for the voices selected. Quotes can also be requested without you having first specified any voices. We’ll normally get back to you with a quote within two hours. If you need help finding a voice or have any questions, you are of course welcome to call us on +46 (0)36-770 15 40.

2: Recording
As soon as you’ve approved the quote, we’ll send you login details for our My Voice To Me production environment. Here you can follow the entire process right up to delivery.

3: Leverans
The completed audio files will then be delivered in your choice of file format (wav, mp3, aif etc.) either via email or by download from our ftp server. Upon request, we can send a CD to you in the mail instead.

You then confirm receipt of the audio files.

If, after the recording has been made, any script changes are required, a small surcharge will be payable. However, if the voice-over artist has, for example, made a mistake in pronunciation or if either something is missing or you are dissatisfied with any section of the text, we will of course correct this at no extra cost.

Please note that wherever you might be in the process, help is always available by either sending us an email or giving us a call.


Most of our artists offer free samples (custom demos) while others request a small fee for this service.

If, after recording has already taken place, script changes are required, these will be chargeable according to the time it takes to re-record. The exact fee will depend on how much text needs to be re-recorded and is normally lower than the original price.

Most of the artists in our voice archive live in the country where their particular language is spoken. It is not therefore generally possible for them to work in your studio. However, we offer live sessions over the phone or via Skype, Source Connect or ISDN, which are an extremely effective way of achieving speedy and highly satisfactory results.

Our prices are based on whether the voice-over is to be heard, for example, in a voicemail or a national TV campaign. In other words, we take payment according to how much exposure a voice-over receives.

Our prices are dependent on a large number of factors, including language, usage, distribution, artist, style, amount of text, deadline and other individual considerations. Please go to our home page and request a quote.

Yes, we offer translation into more than 70 languages via our network of certified translators. Furthermore, we always carry out quality control checks on the material before we send it out to you.

We love a challenge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you can’t find a voice in our bank which is suitable for your needs. We’ll do everything we can to meet your requirements.

You can pay either by invoice or PayPal. (For Paypal payment, 4% of the total amount will be added)

We can deliver most formats on the market, including wav, mp3 and aiff.

There are three simple options for ordering a recording:
1. If you already know which voice you would like, simply fill in our order form and send it straight to us. We’ll get back to you with a scheduled delivery time within an hour or so.
2. If you’d like to know the price for one or more voices, simply add them to your basket and ask for a quote.
3. If you’re not sure which voice would suit your project, you can ask one or more artists to record a free demo of part of your text.


It depends on the type of voice recording you need. For dubbing or lip-syncing in animations, for example, we’ll need a film to sync the voices to. For other types of work such as e-learning or TV commercials, timecodes will often suffice.

Once you’ve placed your first order, you’ll be supplied with login details for our order system where you can easily follow the entire process and ultimately also download your files. We save backups for you for two years, so you can always come back and download the material you need.

We can often deliver shorter recordings within a few hours.
Our delivery times depend however on the extent of the project and the voice you have chosen.
Most of our voices marked with an asterisk can be delivered within 24 hours provided the script is no longer than 1,200 words.

If you’re not satisfied with the recording and would like a different tone or tempo, or if we’ve pronounced a word incorrectly, we’ll gladly re-record the material. Our clients are generally satisfied with our recordings provided they have been careful enough to provide any relevant directorial instructions or pronunciation guides before the first take.

Audio Media

Yes, our professional audio engineers will gladly help you with post-production and file-splitting and naming in accordance with your schedule. We also audio master and time sync videos and CDs.

We can arrange for you to speak to the artist prior to recording. This is so you can provide directions and instructions relating to pronunciation and style, for example. Some of our artists can also receive live instructions over the phone or via Skype or Source Connect.


The audio is normally delivered as unmastered, unprocessed wav files. This means that the recording is entirely unmodified and has therefore not in any way been amplified or altered (similar to raw format in a photographic context).

Recorded material should always be mastered and processed so that it sounds as loud and clear as possible for its intended media form. We’ll gladly provide this service for a small fee if required. Here are a couple of examples of the difference between mastered and unmastered audio for you to listen to:

Uniflex Bemanning, unmastered version

Uniflex Bemanning, mastered version

PAF, unmastered version

PAF, mastered version

Don’t delay.

We love a challenge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you can’t find a voice in our bank which is suitable for your needs. We’ll do everything we can to meet your requirements.
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