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The next time you listen to a radio programme with a famous on-air personality, think about what sort of thoughts or memories they evoke in you. A recurring and familiar voice means more to us than we think. Now you probably understand how important it is to choose the right voice for your advert or radio programme.
Using the same voice in a programme or in different adverts creates a sense of security and, as a listener, you know little about what you’re getting. But it also creates a kind of recognition for the advert or radio programme. It also makes the listener create their own image and perception of what the radio presenter looks like and what they’re like as a person, unless you know who they are. Of course, in addition to this, the voice reflects the message or advert in question.

When talking about a radio voice and what it should convey (depending on what kind of an advert it is), we think it should combine knowledge and credibility, create the right feeling, and get the listener to react. For example, do you have something you want to sell and want the listener to make a purchase after listening to the advert? If so, place emphasis on the credibility of the voice, the right voice that reflects what you sell, and information on how one goes about buying your product or service.

Of course, although the content of your advert or programme is important, on the whole, the voice is even more significant. To make this a little more concrete, we’ve done a little exercise for you below.


  • Listen to five different recorded voices HERE. Select “voice age” in the drop-down menu on the far right of the screen, and listen to the top voice in each category. (Middle-aged, teenager, child, old, and young)
  • Imagine that you need to get the listener to donate money to a charity for children.
  • Which genre and what voice would you choose?

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