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Why should you always have the contact details of a professional voice bank close at hand?

If you work for a production company, an advertising agency, or as a consultant in the film and media industry, you meet clients with different needs on a daily basis. Their needs must be catered for with an advert that’s as credible as possible, so it’s essential that you never compromise when it comes to the voice. It’s often said that you can always save a production with a good voice, but you can never save a bad recording with a good film…

Don’t waste time on internal solutions. It’s better to make sure you’re as effective as you can be in your creation by getting help from a voice bank.

What are the benefits of using a voice bank?

More often than not, slightly larger companies have voice-and-tone guides that are easy to follow for those of you who work in film and advertising. With a tonality guide, it’s easier to write the script and cast to find the exact voice, dialect, and tone that you know fits the client’s communication. It’s a prerequisite for the advert, documentary, jingle, or answering machine message to be as genuine and credible as possible.

1. The client doesn’t always know what a voice-and-tone guide is, or which voice their company is using to communicate with and why it’s important. When you receive an order for an advert and the creative phase begins, it’s easy to focus on what is to be said. You spend time writing scripts and then forget what your voice-over should sound like. Which dialect should it be, do you pick a woman or a man, a young or an old person? The right nuances in the tone of voice can be difficult to find, if you don’t know where to look. When you have access to a voice bank where you can go in and have a listen yourself, you can let the voice lead you to a finished script.

2. It can be difficult for the client to identify with different voices. Having access to a voice bank allows you to easily listen to, compare, and select a couple of voices that you think fit, and then let the client listen to a few different suggestions and pick the voice that feels good and credible, and that conveys the message with the empathy and voice that they’ve imagined.

3. Another reason why you should invest in having an external voice bank is that you get an anonymous voice-over artist. Your client won’t have to look for an employee who will make a mark on the brand with their voice. Although recognition is nice, it’s not ideal if the employee at some point resigns, and you or your client need to redo the job.

If you work at an agency, a production company, or as a film photographer, you should see offering voices through a voice bank as a service to your clients. By using our voice bank, you get a wide range of voices to choose from. This is time-efficient for you and cost-effective for your client, who doesn’t have to pay for the extra hours that can crop up when you let an employee or other individual do voice-overs.

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