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Voice To Me are specialized in localization.

Did you know that we can take your film and make copies in over 100 languages without you having to lift a finger..
We will take care of transcribing, translation, voiceover and, if you would like, subtitling.
Besides this , we will also help you with the timing, synchronisation and processing of the audio. We will deliver a master file that you can use as soon as you have downloaded it from our servers.

It has never been easier or more cost effective to convert your film into new languages than now.

We helped CB12 / SB12 in their localization of their tv commercial. After we received the master film from the client, it took us just under 36 hours before delivering the film with synced voiceovers in 12 languages.
See some examples of how a film can look like when we use our voicetalents in different languages to make a perfect localization:



Want know more ? Please visit or send us an email.

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How about having your own voice archive online, right on your own homepage - for free? 
Display your own branded voice bank and let your clients search among thousands of professional voice actors.
We will put your logo and contact info on the archive so it will look and feel like it is your company running the archive.
Here is an example on how it will look:
Call us on +46 36 770 15 40 and we will be happy to tell you more about how you can get your very own voice database on your website today. Totally free..

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Voice to me has developed a unique order and delivery system. Specially adapted for the Voice over industry.
For 6 years, we have developed a brand new computer system that handles everything from quotes and bookings to deliveries.
This is of course a big investment, but necessary as we currently serve more than 1500 companies with over 10,000 readings a year.
What does it mean for you as a customer?
From your first order you will be connected to “My Voice To Me” and you will then get your own page that you can customize.
Here you will be able to track your order status throughout the production, as well as download your finished audio files in any format.
All your productions will be backed up and will remain for 2 years.
This allows you to easily go back and retrieve old material.
The system is fully automated, but remember that our coordinators are always ready to help you with personalized service if you wish. Call us at  +46 36 770 15 40 or send an email,  and we will respond immediately.

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Last year, 22 women in Sweden were killed by a related man.
The UN Women Sweden association works to stop violence against girls and women globally.
Their work is important and makes a difference. For real..

Voice To Me was given the task of finding a voice for their new commercials a while ago and we immediately felt that this was something we really wanted to do as well as it just went.
It was about finding a voice that could deliver exactly the right tone and voice mode and had the right feeling to be able to touch and get the maximum effect from the film.
Their choice eventually fell on Swef2074-EwaMaria who, like us, immediately felt that this was something she wanted to help with and do completely without compensation.
You can see the result in the movie below. Thank you to talented Ewa Maria, and thank you to UN Women for your important work.

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We have now finally launched our new homepage.

We have worked long and hard trying to create the best and easiest way possible to book a voiceover recording.

Best thing is that it is fully responsive, so you do not have to leave the beach this summer to book a voicetalent for your project.

You are welcome !