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The retail chain ÖoB is a Swedish chain with about 100 stores around the country. They contacted us through their marketing agency in March last year and were looking for a new voice that can present their offerings for commercials on television, radio and on social media.

We at Voice To Me got the mission to find a voice that fits ÖoB’s brand and that can present the different products in a fun and clear way. It was also important for the customer that the selected voice could be flexible as there could be rapid changes or additions in the scripts.

We jointly agreed that our voice talent Mikaela was a good match to the client wishes.

At the first recording we had a live session, a producer from the agency participated while Mikaela recorded in order to make it easier for her to find the right style. They managed to find a style they both liked quickly and Mikaela got through the rest of the script without any trouble.

Since then,  a great deal of scripts have been read with Mikaela who now is very comfortable in her role as the voice for ÖoB.

We would be very happy if you would like to watch and listen to one of the films we made together here: