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What’s a voice-over and have you listened to one before? You most definitely have, but perhaps without even thinking about it. When you listen to radio and TV commercials, audiobooks, play digital games, watch animated films, and much more, you’re probably listening to a voice-over. A voice-over artist is a person, a voice actor, a speaker who is an expert in conveying messages and emotions with their voice. They read out your text and elevate your message to new heights.

Working as a voice-over artist

What do you need to think about if you’d like to offer voice-over services? In addition to just having a voice, there are lots of points to consider. Below, we’ve collected some tips for you to stand out and offer a good voice:

  • Health! Live a healthier life. Exercise often and refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Experiment with your voice and develop yourself.
  • Book an appointment with a voice and speech coach.
  • Use abdominal support, so you don’t wear out your voice.
  • Sing away!
  • Exercise and practice talking at the same time.

Voice To Me

In our voice bank, we have more than 2,000 voice-over artists who are specialists in TV advertising, audio books, radio adverts, teaching materials, cartoons, computer games, and more. Yes, it’s quite a long list. Our voices have different characters and reading styles. In the voice bank, you can either use filters or our search feature to find the voice that suits your project. Listen to our voice bank, and select and download the voice samples you think are best suited. You can also ask us for personal casting. We’re here to help you! Once you’ve made a selection, it’s easy to book a recording with us.

A voice-over from Voice To Me is made by a certified voice and recorded in a professional recording studio. Thanks to our extensive experience, we’re an obvious choice when it comes to voice-overs. During our time in the industry, we’ve supplied voice-overs to world-leading brands.

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