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In the course of recording, there are a lot of things that voice-over artists need to think about. In addition to good equipment that we at Voice To Me have, the voice-over artist needs to be well prepared and rested. Here are just a few things to keep in mind to succeed when recording. In this article, we give you the tools you need to succeed in the best way possible.

A well-executed recording is hard to beat and can make all the difference in the success of your project. A well-recorded voice testifies to professionalism and perhaps conveys more than anything else what your business, company, or organisation stands for. With regard to recording itself, perhaps the most important thing is preparation. Make sure to work through your script carefully before recording. A good guideline is to “write it as you say it”. The idea is not to use overly complicated words or formulations, which you may use in writing. Speech and writing are very different in that sense. Of course, you should adapt the recording to the target group and purpose, but don’t be afraid to keep it simple. As long as you’re not giving a lecture to Mensa’s board of directors, you can probably use a simpler language in your recording.

Be well prepared for the recording

Making a recording takes effort. As with other occasions when you make need to perform well, such as runs, football matches, or whatever it may be, your state of mind needs to be right. Use your influence where you can. Make sure you arrive on time for your recording session. Come rested and refreshed. Eat well and do everything else you know is important. Do your best to be as ready as possible. Once you’re behind the microphone, it’s time to deliver, and everything you do is measurable and a result. Being prepared can’t be faked, especially when recording.

Technology is equally important. There are numerous types of microphones, and even more possible settings for them. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how amazing your script is if the technology lets you down. Make sure you review carefully how your microphone is set up, which tone of voice you want to use, and how loudly you should speak. It’s very complicated to save a bad recording, and that’s if it’s even possible at all. If you’re unsure about how to handle it all technically, we recommend using the option of professional recording in a studio.

Below are seven concrete tips on what you as a voice-over artist should think about in order to do as well as possible with your recording.

 Recording – 7 tips for success

  1. Preparation
    Read the text carefully, preferably several times, and get to know any special characters and context. Being prepared is extremely important for a successful recording.

  2. Underline
    Are you unsure of a word or how to pronounce something? Mark those words and check what they mean or how to pronounce them.

  3. Read out loud
    Although many people read the text several times, they make the mistake of reading it silently to themselves. You should read the text aloud before recording instead. Partly because it’s easier to hear what the result will be, but also to practice those underlined words that you had difficulty pronouncing.

  4. Replenish your energy
    Eat properly and have a lot of energy before the recording. Also, make sure that you’re rested and have slept well. It keeps you and your brain alert and fresh.

  5. Use good posture and don’t move too much
    Sitting correctly and comfortably, with both feet firmly on the ground is important for the voice to sound as good as possible. It’s also important to sit still, as the microphones are very sensitive, and the slightest movement can be heard when recording.

  6. Don’t stress
    Take it easy when you read. It’s easy to get stressed if you have a lot of text and information to read out. But don’t take it too easy – read the text aloud in the right rhythm.

  7. Try to read naturally
    Imagine that you’re going to tell or read something to a person sitting across from you. Mean what you say and think that everyone who’s listening is doing so because it’s you and your story they want to listen to.

These are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind when recording. Are you unsure of what you need for the best possible end product?

Get help with recording

A successful recording requires some preparation. It may seem simple to start with, but it involves a lot of preparation, good timing, and steady performance. Do you want help with your recording? At Voice To Me, we’re happy to help you and have a wide range of voices in our bank. When you choose one of our voices, we’ll help and support you throughout the production, so that the end result is as good as it can be. You can feel completely at ease with us. Read more and pick a voice here!