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Avoid odd word choices and direct translations: get help from a professional voice-over agency

There are many times when you can benefit from a voice-over, for example, when you need an audio recording in different languages and you want to be sure that the quality meets your high demands. But a voice-over can help with more than just a voice. Translations, for example…

You have sales material to be translated: perhaps a quote or an advert which you want to use internationally. The problem when you have to translate your material from business- or industry-specific Swedish into other languages may be that you don’t really know what the language and industry talk sounds like in everyday life. Do you know which industry terms are used within the field or in the country where you’re going to launch your sales material?

The importance of using an authentic voice-over agency

 When you translate from Swedish to, say, English – unless you’re bilingual – you’ll often end up somewhere between textbook English and TV English, which may work in some cases. But if you’re going to launch your brand to an American audience, the everyday slang and industry jargon differs quite a lot from textbook English. There are also significant differences in the language, depending on where in the country you’re going to market your brand. If you’re not familiar with your target group’s language use, you risk not reaching them with your message and weakening your company’s credibility.

Make a credible impression with a professional voice-over agency

 Instead of investing resources into making new material for each country you’re marketing your business in, you can have a voice-over agency translate your business texts or adverts. Business documents are often translated into languages your employees don’t use on a daily basis, which can be a difficult nut to crack internally. This work takes time to do and day-to-day tasks are pushed to the back of the queue.

With a professional translator, you save both time and money, while you get an authentic result. Instead of imposing the responsibility for translation on a multilingual employee, you can make it easier for everyone involved by letting a voice-over agency do the work. We can translate your material into more than 100 languages through our network of certified translators. As a voice-over agency, we offer high-quality voices for many different types of assignments. It can be anything from the translation of documentaries to radio adverts and corporate films. Do you want to know more about how you can use our voice-over services?