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you want to reach outside the country’s borders? Then it’s time to start translating…

When you want to localize (make a language copy) a film, e-learning, audio book, etc. there are several things that you should consider:

Translation: The first step in localizing a film is to translate the dialogue into the target language. It is important that the translation is accurate and natural, and that it takes into account cultural differences.

Voice actors: If the film has spoken dialogue, you need to find suitable voice actors to dub or add the voices in the target language. You should choose voice actors who have good voice control and are knowledgeable in the target language.

Subtitles: If the film is not dubbed, but instead has subtitles in the target language, you must ensure that the subtitles are correct and clear. You should also consider readability and the position of the text on the screen.

Cultural differences: When localizing a film, it is important to take into account cultural differences between the original language and the target language. For example, jokes and references may need to be adapted to fit the new culture.

Technical aspects: Finally, when localizing a film, you should also consider technical aspects such as sound quality and image quality, to ensure that the film performs well in the target language market.

By taking all these factors into account, you can create a well-localized film that appeals to the target audience in the new language and in the new culture.

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