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Services - Voice talents, translation and sound production

Voice To Me is Europe's leading voice archive. For the last 10 years, we have supplied voice-over talents all over the world, and have offered service to radio and TV stations, production companies, marketing departments, advertising agencies and multimedia companies.

We are a well-known participant and supplier in the field of voice recording, with long experience of working with leading brands.


We only work with professional voice-over talent and provide a wide range of voice-over services for radio and TV advertising, audiobooks, multimedia presentations, company videos, e-learning applications, telephone exchanges, documentaries and translations of all kinds of media. All of our voice talents read only in their mother tongues. Recording is done in professional studios which maintain full broadcast quality. Both voices and equipment are thoroughly tested by Voice To Me's recording engineers before they are put in the voice archive. All to guarantee the highest possible quality.


The soundfiles are usually delivered as clean wav files. This means that the recordings are not processed or mastered in any way (this could be compared to a RAW file in photos).

To ensure a good, loud and clear quality for the media intended, a mastering of the soundfiles are recommended. We offer this service for a small extra cost if you do not would like to handle it yourself. Here you can listen to 2 examples of the difference between unmastered and mastered soundfiles.

PAF (not mastered)

PAF (mastered)

Uniflex (not mastered)

Uniflex (mastered)


In the same way as we collaborate with our voice-over talents, we also collaborate with freelance translators in several countries. All our translators are educated, sworn translators and the language they translate to is their mother tongue. We require our translators to have deep knowledge of the subject in question, and they naturally have to have full mastery of both source and target languages. The advantage of asking Voice To Me to arrange the translation is that you save time since you do not have to contact several agencies for both translation and the voice-over project. You also avoid having to ask somebody to proof read the translation, since most of our voice talents have expert knowledge of their mother tongues and can thus serve as qualified proof readers. The price of translation can vary, depending on several factors:

  • Number of source words
  • Source language and target language
  • Delivery time
  • Degree of difficulty of the text


Do you need more than one voice-over talent? We would be happy to help you with everything from radio - TV - cinema - shop TV advertising, audiobooks, e-learning, company presentations, audioguides, telephone exchanges, audio-newspapers to sound editing etc., via our sound production company, Audio To Me.



  • Guaranteed high quality voices - no new beginners.
  • Quick offers - receive a price suggestion within a few hours.
  • Guaranteed punctual delivery.
  • Delivery under 24 hours for most of our voices.
  • Do you need several voices for your project? Just use one voice agency, and make life easier for yourself. We look after all communication with the voices .
  • With more than ten years in the voiceover industry, we have a very clear picture of what our customers need and can deliver as smoothly and easily as possible, which benefits our customers.