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Voice over in Danish.

Do you need a voiceover in Danish?
We have several professional voice actors who live in Denmark and who have Danish as their mother tongue.
Our voice talents are quality assured and record in professional studios.
In our voice bank you will find both men, women and children who  can help reading your Danish script.

Are you looking for a Danish-speaking voice for a commercial reading, information film, e-Learning, IVR or similar?
Here you can listen to and download some of our Danish voices.
Delivery usually takes place within 24 hours and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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Facts about the Danish language.

Danish is the official language in Denmark and is spoken by approximately 5 million people in Denmark.
Danish is closely related to both Norwegian and Swedish, despite this, many Swedes find it difficult to understand Danish in spoken form.

Danish has many different dialects with fairly clear differences.
Riksdanska is the most widespread and is mostly used in advertising, entertainment and teaching.
Jutland, Ömål and Bornholm are the main dialect areas.

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