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Voice to me has developed a unique order and delivery system. Specially adapted for the Voice over industry.
For 6 years, we have developed a brand new computer system that handles everything from quotes and bookings to deliveries.
This is of course a big investment, but necessary as we currently serve more than 1500 companies with over 10,000 readings a year.
What does it mean for you as a customer?
From your first order you will be connected to “My Voice To Me” and you will then get your own page that you can customize.
Here you will be able to track your order status throughout the production, as well as download your finished audio files in any format.
All your productions will be backed up and will remain for 2 years.
This allows you to easily go back and retrieve old material.
The system is fully automated, but remember that our coordinators are always ready to help you with personalized service if you wish. Call us at  +46 36 770 15 40 or send an email,  and we will respond immediately.