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Voice To Me are specialized in localization.

Did you know that we can take your film and make copies in over 100 languages without you having to lift a finger..
We will take care of transcribing, translation, voiceover and, if you would like, subtitling.
Besides this , we will also help you with the timing, synchronisation and processing of the audio. We will deliver a master file that you can use as soon as you have downloaded it from our servers.

It has never been easier or more cost effective to convert your film into new languages than now.

We helped CB12 / SB12 in their localization of their tv commercial. After we received the master film from the client, it took us just under 36 hours before delivering the film with synced voiceovers in 12 languages.
See some examples of how a film can look like when we use our voicetalents in different languages to make a perfect localization:



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