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Since you stumbled upon our website, do we dare to assume you’re considering a voice-over recording? Maybe it’s finally time to start that podcast, record an advert, or fix the company presentation? There can be many reasons, but the effect is the same – a professional voice-over recording goes a long way.

At Voice To Me, our vocal chords are always warmed up and ready to go. We can provide you with a voice-over recording in all its forms and would like to share five valuable tips that will improve your production.

Five tips for a successful voice-over recording

  • The choice of voice

This may sound obvious, but your choice of voice is of great importance for the outcome of your production. Are you going to record a cool car ad? Well, in that case perhaps you shouldn’t choose “medication Janne”, best known for having read FASS (Proprietary Medicinal Products in Sweden) as an audiobook in 1996. Or should you? Maybe it can have an unexpected effect? There is no final verdict and, like all media projects, the unexpected can also be the best choice. Regardless, it can be difficult for you to choose the best possible solution on your own. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you find the right one from our extensive voice bank.

  • Work through your script – properly

Not even the most beautiful voice can save a poorly written script. It goes without saying that preparation is key. If you send a half-finished proposal for voice recording, well, the end result will be a failure. That’s why you need to do the job properly. Think about your target group, how you want to be perceived, and what tone you want to achieve. Should the voice exude credibility, passion, or perhaps interest? Write your script colloquially and avoid complicated words. It should sound natural, unless you’re writing a complex radio-theatre piece.

  • Manage expectations within the company – avoid misunderstandings

Are there several of you in the business who are involved in the project? Make sure that all of you in the project group are on the same page, both in terms of the project as a whole, and regarding the choice of voice. Perhaps you can find a reference online or something else to compare with? If the whole project is ready before the recording, everything flows much better. It saves time and money for all parties, and the end result is more powerful.

  • Be there during the recording – live or digitally

After all, you know your project best. If you’re involved in the voice-over recording in the studio, you may discover details you want to change once the narrator starts reading. It’s difficult to predict the end product, but if you’re present during the recording, you can make changes on the fly. If you can’t participate physically, it’s possible to do so digitally.

  • Follow up your production afterwards – how did it go?

Despite the fact that money, time, and soul are invested in projects, they are rarely followed up. How did it really go? What could you do better? How did the voice-over recording sound? Taking a few steps back to celebrate success and learn from possible setbacks is an effective way to do better. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s also very true. Ask your clients, employees, and others who have seen the end product for feedback. Dare to look back.

Ready to start – it’s voice-over recording time!

How does it feel? Are you under starter’s orders or alone in a wilderness of question marks? Take it easy, we’re the call that will guide you home. No matter where you are in the process, get in touch – we’ll help you from there. If you want, we can assist you in all the steps, from idea to script and execution.

Our website has a lot of information on how to proceed. You can also listen to our talented voice-over artists or share them with your organisation or your clients. There’s no doubt that you’ll find a suitable voice for your particular voice-over recording.

Talk soon!