Application information

We thank you for your interest in working as a voice-over artist with Voice To Me. We’re always on the lookout for talented new artists and would love for you to be part of our team.

We and our clients place great demands on our voice-over artists in terms of everything from competence with technical equipment to the ability to capture a text according to the wishes and directorial instructions of the client.

We currently work exclusively with voice-over artists who have either their own studio or access to one. We also prefer you to be registered for Swedish company tax.

In order for us to be able to add you to our voice database, please make a recording of the four texts on the right-hand side of the page in wav, mono, 16-bit and 44.1kHz format. After filling in the form on the next page, rename the audio file with your own name and send it to us.

Tailor your style to each different text so that our clients can more easily gain an appreciation of your breadth as a reader.

Since we’ll evaluate both voice and studio quality, it’s important that the recording does not contain any background noise, room echoes or other disturbances.

Please contact our talent manager with any queries:

Anna Jönsson
+46 (0)36 770 15 43


Please leave a pause between the various texts.


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Chapter 1

The evening shadows began to lengthen and the sun lay deep upon the horizon, its rays dazzling her between the branches. In the leaves and on the ground around her, flecks of light quivered like the down on a passing hummingbird.
In the seat pocket in front of you there is a brochure containing further information. We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable trip – and please don’t forget your seatbelt.

Telephone switchboard

Welcome to the customer service centre. You may now choose one of the following alternatives: If you wish to speak to a salesperson, please press 1. If you would like to be connected to our workshop, please press 2.

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