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Frequently asked questions

What is a voice-over?

A voice-over is an invisible voice that you can hear on TV, radio and cinema advertising, e-learning products and company presentations, documentaries, podcasts, animated films, telephone prompters, telephone exchange systems etc. A voice-over from Voice To Me is done by a certified voice and is recorded in a professional recording studio.

Are all voice-over talents professional?

Yes, all our voice-over talents are professionals, and they use professional studios and studio material. All of them have at least 2 years' experience of voice recording. Most of them have worked for many years and are very experienced.


Can I talk to the voice-over talent before or during recording?

We can arrange for you to talk to the voice-over talents before recording. This allows you to give instructions about pronunciation and style. Some voices can also offer live editing via Skype or Source Connect.

Can you help me to edit the recording?

Yes, we have professional sound engineers who will be pleased to help you with post-editing, file splitting, file naming according to the schedule you supply. We also do sound mastering and time synching with video or DVD.


What happens if I am not entirely satisfied with a recording?

If you are not satisfied with a recording or would like to have a different tone, other tempo or if we have pronounced a work wrongly, we will be happy to re-record the material again. In general, our customers are satisfied with their recordings if care is taken in drafting production advice and pronunciation guides before the first take.

What delivery times do you have?

Delivery times depend on the extent of the recording, and the voice talent you have chosen. Most of our starred voices can deliver a manuscript of up to 1,200 words within 24 hours.

How can I have my sound file delivered?

You will receive an e-mail as soon as the sound file is ready for delivery. You can easily download the file to your computer via a link from our FTP server, without any inconvenient user names or passwords.

Do you need a reference video for recording?

That depends on the type of voice recording you need. If you need to have dubbing/lip synch for an animated film etc., our voice-over talents need a film to synch their voices to. In other types of assignment, such as e-learning or TV advertising, time codes are frequently sufficient.


What does mastering/processing mean?

The soundfiles are usually delivered as clean wav files. This means that the recordings are not processed or mastered in any way (this could be compared to a RAW file in photos).

To ensure a good, loud and clear quality for the media intended, a mastering of the soundfiles are recommended. We offer this service for a small extra cost if you do not would like to handle it yourself. Here you can listen to 2 examples of the difference between unmastered and mastered soundfiles.

PAF (not mastered)

PAF (mastered)

Uniflex (not mastered)

Uniflex (mastered)


How do I place an order?

We send you an offer, based on the information you have given us (size of manuscript, type of media, choice of voice etc.). When you have sent us a written confirmation of our offer, we register your order for the voice-over talent you have chosen.

Which sound formats can you deliver?

We can deliver most commercially available formats, including WAV, MP3, AIFF.

How can I pay?

You can pay via invoice or PayPal.

Can I have an English voice with an Indian or Italian accent, for example?

We like challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you can not find a voice-over talent in our voice archive that suits your needs. We will do everything we can to meet your requirements.

Can you translate my manuscript to other languages?

We offer translations to over 70 languages, via our network of certified translators. We also quality-check all material before we send it to you.

Where can I find your price list?

Prices depend on a large number of factors such as language, use, distribution, voice, style, quantity of text, deadline and other individual factors. Please visit the start page and create an inquiry to receive an offer.

Why do I have to specify the type of medium where the product will be used?

Prices vary, depending on whether the voice will be heard in a voice mailbox or on a national TV campaign. In other words, we charge for the actual exposure of the voice.

Can I record your voices in my own studio/city?

Most of the voice-over talents in our archive live in the country whose language they speak. For this reason, it is generally not possible to get them to come to your studio. So we offer live sessions via telephone, Skype Source Connect and ISDN, which is a very efficient way of quickly producing a fully acceptable result.

What happens if I make changes in the manuscript?

Manuscript changes after recording is completed will be debited according to the time required to re-do the recording. The amount debited depends on the amount of text that needs to be re-recorded, and is generally less than the original price.

Can I have a test recording from some of your voice-over talents, before I choose the voice I want to use?

Most voice-over talents offer complementary custom demos, whereas some debit a nominal sum.